Wine and spirits logistics

«  Wine is more than a work of art, it is a work of love »,  Michel Bouvier


entreposage-zoom2We offer nearly 49,000 m² of warehouse, including 18,000 m² dedicated to wines, spirits and liquors in Champagne region, close to Paris.

Our warehouses at the technology forefront provide optimal conditions for storage and conservation of alcohols, wines and spirits, including grands crus and exceptional cuvees.

  • An exceptional level of security: the warehouses are built around security concerns with roadblocks, biometric access control, video surveillance and alarm, security system, fire detection and sprinkler.
  • Warehouses area design for each case that we can face the simplest one to the more complex: We manage over 12,000 wine, champagne, beer and spirits references from over 37 countries.
  • Manage Temperature 11-16 ° C and permanent hygrometry control with possibilities of modulation per zones for a maximum preservation of products, including GRANDS CRUS.
  • Approvals storage alcohols, suspended duties and fees paid.
  • Bonded warehouses for storage free of duties and taxes.

This high performance work tool managed by trained and specialized teams in wines and spirits logistics allows us to welcome and care for all spirits, wines and champagne, (storing them by bottles, parcels, pallet).

GAMBA & ROTA handle your customs process, managing your excises (clearance and settlement of AEDs and AED, material accountancy and DRM, management of bonded warehouse).

Aware of the preciousness of your products, we use all our knowledge to satisfy you, and allow you to concentrate on your business improvement. Guaranteeing you discretion and confidentiality for all the operations that you entrust to us.

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